Boxy Stars Wall Hanging

Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Recently I was asked by a potential customer what I could do on the following wall hanging:

I quickly sketched out a few ideas on my phone and emailed them to my client. She liked my ideas and decided to have me quilt it for her. She really wanted lots of feathers so she picked the design at the top right.

I used tiny micro stippling to really pack down and add texture to the negative space. I did this on manual mode and at about 80% speed. It gave me quite the workout because you are constantly moving your arms!

First I stitched around the blocks, then I did the micro stippling, last I did the feathers in the blocks. I really liked how nice and puffy the blocks looked before the feathers. I even second guessed myself once I started on the feathers! It would have looked nice both ways but I really love the end result!

I used two layers of a poly batting that the client supplied (I believe it may have been dream poly) and So Fine #50 #401.

I really wouldn't recommend this much quilting on an everyday quilt, but this was going to be a wall hanging. For an everyday, use on the bed, keep me warm kind of quilt you want a much looser quilting. A quilt keeps you warm by keeping warm air trapped in the poofy spaces between the layers of the quilt. Quilting is necessary to keep the layers from shifting. Too much quilting will result in a less warm quilt because there are no air pockets to keep you warm! Keep that in mind when you are deciding what type of quilting to choose.

Thank you for letting me quilt this for you Iaci! I had so much fun doing it.


KaHolly said...

This is amazing! I would love to be able to progress enough with my FMQ to be able to do something even half as nice as this!

hollylolly said...

thanks for the tip about warmth and the density of the quilting. My daughter wants a light summer quilt so it sounds like i can 'go to town' on the quilting!

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